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“Inhale, and God approaches you. Hold the inhalation, and God remains with you. Exhale, and you approach God. Hold the exhalation, and surrender to God.” ~ Krishnamacharya

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Why do yoga with people with autism?

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It would be nice to see the effects of yoga on health borne out by science, and so far the results are encouraging. However, the research is rudimentary so far.

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All Known Health Frauds are, in Fact, Valid

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Good rant on the subject. The subject line is, admittedly, over the top. But does a good job of unpacking many of the issues.

All Known Health Frauds are, in Fact, Valid.

TED talk tonight: My Good Life Yoga Life Hacks

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Tonight I do my first 5- minute “TED” talk at All Souls Church for the Young Adult group.

My topic, of course, is yoga. Specifically Yoga Life Hacks. Since the church is on the Upper East Side, I thought it appropriate to teach the Banker’s pose — since we have so many investment bankers living there.

I will be posting my Yoga Life Hacks here over the next few months, while a develop an exciting and unique online offering.

Bankers Pose problem-solution

Naked yoga classes? Not for me, but not for the reason you think…

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OK, boys and girls. Who is ready to be bold? I don’t like doing yoga nude at home alone!

I’m not a prude.

I get cold, or I perspire and prefer the moisture wicking clothes.

Or, frankly I get chafed in a delicate place.

Sorry to be such a cranky-pants.

Naked Yoga, New York, Door

Hilaria Baldwin also takes pictures of doing yoga with her baby — OOPS, THAT’S HER HUSBAND, ALEX BALDWIN!

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Hilaria Baldwin also takes pictures of doing yoga with her baby — OOPS, THAT’S HER HUSBAND, ALEX BALDWIN!

I’m thinking of replicating these photos with my kids. What do you think?

March 24, 2014 - Leave a Response

Stay tuned. I am definitely going to have some fun with this — because I don’t have a yoga body like this mother, and my kids are silly and wiggly when it comes to doing yoga poses with me. LOL.

Trapped: a memory of 9/11

September 12, 2012 - Leave a Response

On the morning of 9/11/2001 I was awaiting the start of a computer training class for email administrators that I was attending. One of my classmates, a network engineer, got a cell phone call and informed us that a plane had hit one of the towers. His coworker in the tower was responsible for the company’s data transmissions from the roof of the tower. He tried to reassure his coworker and advised him to stay calm.

We scoffed in disbelief. At first we assumed it was a small private plane that had flown off course. I also recalled that a plane had once struck the Empire State Building and had only caused minimal damage. These buildings are built to sustain the accidental impact of a passenger jet.

While we assembled around a television set with the live coverage, our classmate announced that he would go down to see if he could help his coworker. When the second building was hit, we knew we were dealing with terrorism.

Later, weeks after the towers came down, we learned that nobody in the upper floors had any escape route out of the building and thus while no one knew it for certain at the time, they had no possibility of  survival. I realized that this employee was working on one of the top floors.

It was a sobering thought that so many were trapped and alive and had only minutes to live that day.

I don’t have anything yogic to say about this today. I am still numb from that day, I avoid watching any coverage or documentaries about 9/11 and I find it difficult to visit the neighborhood unless I must. I’m not saying I have PTSD, but their is still a raw scar and it doesn’t take much for the wound to open.

God bless their souls.

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David Freiman | My Good Life Yoga:

Promising news. Early intervention has been effective. And yoga with babies helps settle them down and keep them limber. It is fun to do with any baby, and special needs babies derive many healthy benefits. See the work of Sonia Sumar who pioneered yoga for special needs children. An inspiration.

Originally posted on Health & Family:

Researchers say they may soon be able to identify babies at high risk of autism as early as 6 months old.

Currently, clinicians can’t diagnose autism until toddlers are about 2, when the first behavioral and language symptoms of the developmental disorder become noticeable. There is a push to identify at-risk babies earlier, though, since early intervention may be critical for halting abnormal development and preventing the most troublesome behavioral outcomes associated with autism. But while scientists are developing more sophisticated screening tests that rely on brain-imaging techniques or eye-tracking technologies that monitor an infant’s gaze to pick up early autistic signs, there is still no reliable way to diagnose the condition in younger infants.

Now, reporting in the American Journal of Psychiatry, researchers say that they may finally have a tool that will select out the highest-risk infants at just 6 months old. The innovative test, known as fractional…

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