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What does Veteran’s Day mean to you as a yogi or yogini, as a member of your faith community or as a world citizen and human being? Continue reading


Welcome to My Good Life Yoga! My name is David Freiman and I am a certified yoga instructor and yoga therapy practitioner.

One of my teachers said the proper relationship to all things is blessing. I expect to explore this relationship with respect to the things that come up in my life, whether it is personal, family, community, current events, politics, environment, etc.

According to the scriptures, the purpose of yoga is to reduce the distractions of the mind, body, and spirit that prevent us from ridding ourselves of suffering and achieving lasting peace and bliss. I believe that everyone should be entitled to take part in the practice of yoga, no matter what limitations they may have of the mind, body, or spirit.

I have studied how to safely assist anybody into healthy yoga postures. You don’t have to be flexible to do yoga–that comes later.

With assisted yoga everyone can do yoga and receive the well-known and medically proven benefits.

That is why I am able to work with children with special needs, autism spectrum disorders, and those who are medically involved. I also work with seniors, including those with chronic and terminal conditions. With yoga therapy, I work with clients who are looking to improve their commitment to a goal, for motivation in an endeavor, for stress release, for body awareness, or for inner transformation. Some clients are uncomfortable attending a public class and I work with them privately.

I look forward to getting to know you through your responses to my posts.