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On the morning of 9/11/2001 I was awaiting the start of a computer training class for email administrators that I was attending. One of my classmates, a network engineer, got a cell phone call and informed us that a plane had hit one of the towers. His coworker in the tower was responsible for the company’s data transmissions from the roof of the tower. He tried to reassure his coworker and advised him to stay calm.

We scoffed in disbelief. At first we assumed it was a small private plane that had flown off course. I also recalled that a plane had once struck the Empire State Building and had only caused minimal damage. These buildings are built to sustain the accidental impact of a passenger jet.

While we assembled around a television set with the live coverage, our classmate announced that he would go down to see if he could help his coworker. When the second building was hit, we knew we were dealing with terrorism.

Later, weeks after the towers came down, we learned that nobody in the upper floors had any escape route out of the building and thus while no one knew it for certain at the time, they had no possibility of  survival. I realized that this employee was working on one of the top floors.

It was a sobering thought that so many were trapped and alive and had only minutes to live that day.

I don’t have anything yogic to say about this today. I am still numb from that day, I avoid watching any coverage or documentaries about 9/11 and I find it difficult to visit the neighborhood unless I must. I’m not saying I have PTSD, but their is still a raw scar and it doesn’t take much for the wound to open.

God bless their souls.