You do not mention by name the current hoopla over John Friend and Anusara Yoga. Clearly, as an American businessman, as a yogi trained in a lineage in India, and as a member of Yoga Alliance, Friend knows about business ethics, yamas and niyamas (I have heard him chant Patanjali’s yoga sutras in Sanskrit from memory), and professional ethics.

The reports that Friend depended on staffers and senior teachers to stay mute about his whereabouts during sexual dalliances, and to receive drug deliveries at their studios on his behalf *proves* that he (and they) knew that what he was doing was wrong, unethical and illegal. He compromised his organization, his confidants and his followers, who made significant financial, professional and emotional commitments to Anusara.

On the other hand, yoga centers and ashrams are not the only places where adherents look away from unethical or illegal behavior as we have seen with JFK and others at the White House, Herman Cain at the National Restaurant Association, and “Godfather” knows where else, and in your Catholic diocese, to name only a few.
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