There is so much energy going on in my household right now. It is hard to describe.

My daughter is at college and doing quite well thank you, and starting to relax a bit as a sophomore, now that the initial changes have occurred. But she is planning to transfer to another college in January. She is already accepted to the school but I am biting my fingernails to the bone waiting to find out if they have room for her to matriculate next term. It will involve me making plans to transport all her stuff to a new campus. And I don’t own a car so it involves a rental of something big enough. I am thinking of a camper van!

We haven’t seen much of my teenage son either, because he took up marching band and they have practice, games, and competitions both days every weekend. The season is finally over and I am thrilled that he has become passionate about marching band. He even plans to study a new instrument for next year, so he will be playing flute in the concert band and taking baritone horn lessons to prepare for next August and Band Camp.

More news in my next post!