I would say that in retrospect this was not a good week to start this project of blogging for a year.

Ann has taken on extra days of consulting work to help out where she is working because they are dealing with a staffing shortage. And the extra money is a great help. Unfortunately, it means that instead of working 2-3 days  a week and having time on the other days to, as she says, “gaze at my children”, instead I am with them all day until she gets back and then I run out the door to my evening job. Hiring a baby sitter is still out of reach for now. It put us in the financial hole we are digging ourselves out of.

In any case, this blog exerted some extra pressure right now that made me feel overwhelmed. Ann keeps reminding me that all I need to do is post a sentence cheerleading myself or marking my progress like, “read a chapter in a good business book today!” Thank you, Ann for making this fun!