It is 11/1/11, All Saints’ Day and an auspicious time to start blogging about creating a business model for My Good Life Yoga.

My goal is to blog every day about my experience and progress until next Halloween.  I look forward to having even more to be thankful for next Thanksgiving and a prosperous and generous Christmas 2012.

What sort of business am I developing?

What is so special about blogging about it?

I wish to build passive income streams into my business and take my business to the next level by offering a certified teacher/parent training program for working with children with autism and other special needs. I

have been refining my niche for some time and I can see that there are few people who have an approach for doing yoga with the children who are least able to participate in yoga classes or even one-to-one sessions. All the books, videos, materials and training programs that I have found so far work with higher functioning children than I see.

I enjoy the challenge of communicating with the children who have the most difficulty. By relating to them on an energetic level, I feel I am able to help them access their spiritual aspect–something which is not part of the Individual Education Program (IEP)–and something is not available at few churches.

Back to the blog.

I have been blogging here for a while for a book I am writing called “Special Yoga Kids: How Yoga Helps Kids with Autism Spectrum Disorders” which will be part of my marketing strategy.

There is growing interest by parents, teachers and schools programs to offer yoga to children with special needs. There is also growing interest by teachers in various special needs yoga markets. I have an opportunity to fill a special niche in the market that few teachers are willing or able to attempt.

I am going to create a passive income stream by producing and marketing training and support products. These products may include eBooks, videos and audio clips that may be delivered online. I will then continue to provide added value to buyers or subscribers, with special offers and discounts and other enticements.

This new business model will allow me to have more time to spend time with my family and travel for business and pleasure.

Why is this blog special?

Inspired by the Julie/Julia blog that committed to preparing all the recipes in Julia Childs’ The Art of French Cooking I will document the process of self-coaching, time management, creating a business plan, marketing, development of materials, production, sales, and so forth as I flow with the Universal Creative Intuition manifesting my dream business.

I plan to connect the “writing a business plan” process to the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali–to walk the walk.

I expect my experience will be of interest to yoga teachers/therapists and other healing arts, fitness and coaching practitioners. Perhaps at some point I will have a template or model for others to follow in setting up a yoga/yoga therapy business.