I received my yoga teacher certification from Jeff Migdow, M.D. and Priti Robyn Ross. Both are experienced Kripalu Yoga teachers and have trained many Kripalu teachers. Jeff created his own teacher certification called Prana Yoga which is offered yearly at the New York Open Center.

Here is my pitch for Prana Yoga:

  1. In Prana Yoga, sound vibrations activate the energy centers of the body known as chakras. Yoga breathing builds prana (life force energy or chi) within you. 
  2. With this approach, postures may be held longer, increasing their healthful benefits.
  3. Awareness of body, mind, and soul promotes a deeper experience with profound results for a longer, healthier life.


  • Suitable for all levels, beginners welcome
  • Recharge, refresh, renew
  • Increase strength and flexibility
  • Feel better and look better
  • Access energy you did not know you had
  • Learn how to practice yoga safely at any stage of your life
  • Take your yoga practice to a new level by connecting to the power of prana